Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy (Late) Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Still writing, but the end of the year is always hectic, as it is for most. To give a brief update, I had to tweak Book 2 a bit in the outline department, so I'm trying to adapt what I've written so far to that new direction. Nothing too major, but I have to make sure I'm lined up correctly for when I start writing the bulk of the story. That foundation has to be stable, but after that it practically writes itself.

I mean, I still have to write it, but it kinda writes itself... not really... yeah.

You understand.

I've also been poking at another Star Wars story on my fanfiction profile. Every now and then, I have these Star Wars Obsession Moments, when I just can't do anything else beyond playing/reading/watching/writing Star Wars. Just can't be helped. Right now, Star Wars: The Old Republic has been taking up a bit of my time, and I've recently read through the first book in the Empire & Rebellion series, Razor's Edge, as well as the second book in the X-wing series, Wedge's Gamble. Both were very enjoyable, with Razor's Edge being more of a fun space romp with Leia Organa as the focus of the story, and Wedge's Gamble being the further adventures of Rogue Squadron. The latter was definitely the weaker of the two that I read. Rogue Squadron was just plain fantastic, with a great balance of character and action, but its sequel was a bit more uneven.

Why send X-wing pilots on an espionage mission? Not sure. Even towards the end of the book, I was still trying to understand that rationale.

Anyway, the story I've been writing is about the bounty hunter, Shae Vizla, who pops up in the "Deceived" cinematic trailer for The Old Republic. If you have any interest in such things, I have it posted o'er here!

That's it!

Again, I hope everyone enjoys their respective holidays - and I'll see you next year!