Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Writing. More Shadowrun.

Back to college. Back to making more progress on Book 2!

I've updated the progress bar to reflect a rough estimate of where I am as far as writing goes. We're definitely closing in on the end, and I think now that summer fun is over and I have more time to crank out some chapters in the library, that percentage will rise drastically over the next few weeks.

I'll also work on getting another sample from the story going in the near future, along with a proper post to "lock in" the final title for Book 2. At this point, I've let it sit for long enough and it still seems right, so I'm gonna take the leap and stick with it for the duration.

On the promotional side of things, I would also like to get some kind of free ebook up on Amazon that serves as an introduction to Lore of the Reluctant. Stories like Wool have proven that having that low barrier of entry is ideal.

So just to break everything down:

1 - Lock in the final title for Book 2.

2 - Finish Book 2!

3 - Begin the editing process. Call in those old favors. Send my editor friends on guilt trips.

4 - Research the possibility of getting The Outcasts of Vampire Flats on CreateSpace (physical copy), iTunes, and B&N Nook. Consider doing the same for Book 2.

5 - Write an "Introductory Story" for the Lore of the Reluctant series to publish for free.

6 - Hire Lexy to get started on the cover art.

7 - Publish Book 2!

And, of course, since I promised myself that I'd write/publish at least three stories using this setting, I'll eventually start plotting out Book 3, which is really just a vague idea at this point.

I'll keep this blog updated as I go through the steps! And I do want to thank everyone who has an interest in this story for being patient.


I've been hopelessly addicted to the Shadowrun universe lately, and there's 20 years' worth of material waiting for me to read through. This is gonna get dark, I can already tell!