Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Progress!

Since the completion of City of Blades, I've been making decent progress on what'll eventually be the final, publishable draft. Still catching typos, still working in some feedback from my beta readers/friends. My sister, Alexa, will be giving the story a read herself in the days to come and will (hopefully) be able to get the cover art ready during our winter break.

Aside from that, I've been a tad inundated with school-related stuff, since this will be finals week for me. Also a lot of short story writing for contests, class, and Kindle. The Lore of the Reluctant short story, "None Shall Pass," is in progress -- as is a short story anthology of sci-fi and fantasy that I'll be publishing with my friend, fellow writer, and editor, Chris Buchanan.

Progress is a bit more steady since this becomes a kind of group project during the editing phase, but I hope to have more frequent updates over the break.

Happy Holidays to you all!