Monday, March 30, 2020

UPDATE (4/2/20): The sale went over well! I've donated 100% of what I made to United Way of San Joaquin County and also purchased a batch of stories from the sale. Here's what I got! Looking forward to checking these out.

Author Bryce O'Connor has put together one heck of a cool charity event called LOCKDOWN READFEST.

From March 30th to March 31st, 60+ authors have pledged to lower the prices of their books/short stories to 99 cents and donate 50% of their proceeds (more, in some cases) to charities relating to COVID-19 relief.

In my case, I've pledged the revenue from the two novels and three short stories I have available through Amazon. When Lockdown Readfest has concluded, I'll be donating to United Way of San Joaquin County.

San Joaquin County borders two of California's most densely populated counties and, as a result, has begun to feel the impact of COVID-19 and shelter-in-place order. Funds donated to United Way of San Joaquin County will be directed to local non-profits and shelters, and will help provide relief to folks in our county's most vulnerable communities.

I'll also be going through and picking up a bunch of stories from some talent authors in the hopes they'll be able to help out their own communities, as well!

For more information about Lockdown Readfest, as well as the authors who have pledged to the event, CHECK OUT THE REDDIT POST HERE.

Check out some fantastic stories, buy some on the cheap, support some worthy causes that'll bring relief in these stressful times!