Thursday, May 7, 2020

The paperbacks are here, yo!

After much to-do and a ton of back-and-forth between myself and the printers, the paperbacks for four of my books are available!

Now, the quarantine will probably mess with the availability of some of them infrequently, but it shouldn't be for more than a day or two. Not to mention shipping times are varying wildly. I'll be keeping an eye on it. But let's go over what we got:

Lore of the Reluctant: Books I and II


These books marked my first ever experience with publishing of any kind. I've learned a lot since then and I've tried to apply all of that to these new editions. Both the Kindle editions and these new paperback editions got another thorough editing pass for typos, inconsistencies, and formatting. I tried not to really touch anything relating to story; like Timothy Zahn says, to a certain extent once a book is published it's an historical document. If you keep going back and editing, then you'll never stop.

That being said, a few exchanges got tweaked and there were a couple vague lines that I cleared up. Overall, they're generally the same manuscripts, but they should look and flow nicer!

Since all the cleaning of their descriptions, the short story promotion, and these paperback editions, they've been getting a little more attention. If you've read them (or are currently reading them) and have enjoyed your time with them, a third book will be on its way soon. I can't promise it'll be here this year, but now that I'm back in America working on novels is much more realistic.

What Was Your Name Downriver?

This story just came out and the paperback not too long after, but I did a little more research and applied some cleaner formatting to it. Should look nice and clean now!

All the Stars in My Eyes: A Short Story

Not sure if buying physical copies of short stories will ever really be en vogue, but "All the Stars in My Eyes" is one of my favorite pieces. Not to mention the cover art is one of my all-time favorites as far as my sister's art goes. Lots of sentimentality wrapped up in this one, so I figured since it fit all the requirements, I'll just go ahead and make one.

If you liked the story and the art, too, it'll look good on a shelf!

And it goes without saying: if you've read any of my stories lately, please, please, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. For indie authors, reviews can mean the difference between being able to write consistently or not at all.

Be safe everyone!