Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Electric Boogaloo

Now that the Amazon promotion is over and done with, it's time to move on to the next phase!


Whatever that might be...

Well, I have a few options, actually. The first is to take the advice I hear R.A. Salvatore give new writers at most of his talks: Write. If you want to be a writer, the train never stops; you just keep moving... Okay, so that was a cliche metaphor. Not a great start.

As it goes with any profession, stagnation is your enemy. If you're a bartender, you don't make a drink and then check out for a few weeks to reflect on how it all went down. (Being a former bartender, I should know. I can hear the laugh my manager would let out after such a proposition.) If you're a bartender, you keep making drinks, you keep learning new drinks, you keep building up a tolerance to people who freak out when you don't have Red Bull to mix with their Ketel One.

If you're a writer, you keep writing.

That's the first option. I already have a solid story idea for a sequel to Outcasts, but obviously I want to see if the people who downloaded it got any kind of kick out of the novel. If it gets rejected outright, I'll probably swallow my pride and move on to something else. In which case, I have some other story ideas that would make for some great novels, I think. Definitely more fantasy, but also a few sci-fi concepts I've been playing with. It would be awesome to write any of them.

The second option would be to do some more research. I really pushed myself through the whole process of publishing an ebook just to see how it was done. So I could overcome a lot of my fears, learn the steps, and (finally!) have something I created out on the market in some form. It's been a hugely rewarding and fulfilling experience, but I still feel like there are a few road bumps I could iron out. The table of contents being a big one, as well as learning a bit more about the conversion options that Amazon and a few other places have available.

That would include another version through Barnes and Noble and a potential paperback edition for Outcasts through CreateSpace, but, again, I'd like to wait and see if the story is eventually embraced or rejected. Regardless, it would be great info for future stories, and launching with both an ebook and a paperback version might be the way to go!

We'll seeeeeeee.

Time for bed, in any case. Cultural Anthropology quiz tomorrow.