Sunday, October 23, 2016

BLADES OF ELSINGR (Lore of the Reluctant #2) is Out Now! Also, an explanation...

Things moved quickly this week! The cover art was completed and I was able to get the second story in the Lore of the Reluctant series published this morning. Check out the link above for the Amazon Kindle version.

So, since this has been a long time coming, and I've gotten a couple stories published since the first book, let me explain what this series is and what it's attempting to be:

A little over three years ago, I set a goal for myself. I would self-publish at least three novels, regardless of subject/genre, in an attempt to 1) Learn the process of getting a novel to the market, 2) Build a kind of portfolio to show that I can continuously produce full-length projects, 3) Basically just keep myself writing and learn from whatever feedback I was able to get.

The result was the Lore of the Reluctant series, something I've been kicking around for years. Three friends from our world who wake up in a high fantasy realm, complete with everything they'd need to quest without incident. New bodies, new memories, and entire lives to draw upon so that they'd never miss a beat. By the time the series picks up, they've been at it for a while and they're getting kinda bored with the whole prospect. If they can't get back to Earth, they just want to settle down in a quiet city somewhere, but the Realm of Shiloft has other plans for them.

Each book is meant to be a light, standalone "day-in-the-life" story in the vein of the old Conan and Red Sonja novels. Almost nothing plot-wise carries over between novels expect for location and the trio's wanting to just quit the whole thing. My goal is to write at least three of these, keep them short enough so that they can be read casually, ensure the novels don't lean too heavily on each other, and hopefully make them funny as hell.

BLADES OF ELSINGR is the second entry, with one more being written as we speak. I have other projects in the air right now (that I've mentioned here before at one point or another). Work on it will probably progress in earnest over the winter break.

That's it! Please give the story a look if you can, post some feedback if you have the time. Otherwise, I'll see you next update!