Thursday, October 24, 2013

[An Aside] Fantasy Confessions

I haven't been reading as many of the recent fantasy essentials as I should. I admit this freely and without fear. I've read a number of the classics! Some of Howard's Conan and Solomon Kane short stories, Elric of Melnibone, and I'm about to finish my first Amber novel - to name a few. But as for recent? I'm very slow to pick them up. I get worried about the investment time-wise, because I am a pathetically slow reader, and fantasy reads tend to take me even longer because I really just savor the imagery.

So, I usually trend towards the classics, because many are either one-off stories or much more brief. These epic Robert Jordan-ian tomes intimidate the hell out of me. How my friend is able to read the Wheel of Time on an annual basis is still shocking/awe-inspiring/a mystery to me.

But one of those series that I haven't been able to dive into - but sincerely wish I could - is the Scott Lynch's Gentlemen Bastards series. Basically, I have a review copy of The Republic of Thieves coming to me soon, and I haven't read the other two. I have both books on hand, but they've only recently come back to me after making the rounds through all my friends, all of whom loved them. I've also been interested because Lynch is a fan of Matthew Stover, and I hear nothing but praise for the series coming from Stover himself. (Red Seas Under Red Skies is also dedicated to the guy.)

Long story short, I've resolved to read the Gentlemen Bastards series after I've finished with my recent reading pile, which presently includes The Fellowship of the Ring, Anything Goes, and a reread of The Great Gatsby. Also, whatever random school reads happen to fall onto the path.

But, yeah! Excited to get started on that!